Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Zilker Fashonista

This is my last post ever! Well I wanted to let you know I will be announcing my identidy tomorrow, but I really wanted to know who you think I am, so leave a comment below if you think you know. I am also interested to know what school you think I will be going to next year.
If I rubbed any fashionistaness off on you this will interest you, They will start filming Project Runway this coming June, whish isn't soon enough for me. To learn more you can go to My Lifetime.com. I'll really miss you all and....Make it work!-Tim Gunn
Your Fashionable Friend
-Zilker Fashionista


Last post on the Zilker blog. I was thinking about maybe starting a blog for the 2011 Zilker graduates. I looked on the comment for my last post and Rose said she could not make it to the Barton Springs pool thing so I decided to make it every Thursday, Friday, or Saturday! If I decide to make a 2011 Zilker grads blog I will continue to post and hopefully all the others. If The 2011 zilker Grads blog gets started today or tomorrow I will ask Ms. Pena, Ms. Ogren, Ms. Thompson to spread the blog info through out the 3 classes! Hope to keep posting!

Ps that hopefully make you cry!
I have known most of you since kindergarten, now I will have to remember all of the great memories we have shared. We have made new friends in the past year and we have also been holding on to old friends since kindergarten. We will all greatly miss friends that we shall try to hold on to as we have done since Kindergarten. You will notice over the next few years that everyone goes in different ways. I hope to keep in touch with everyone from our family at Zilker Elementary School. For those that only arrived at Zilker this year I wish you could have had the experiences that most of us hold. Farewell friends old and new);

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Hi, I had a really good time at the "Sock Hop" yesterday. It was like a mixture of coolness, scariness, and sweaty kids running around being goofballs. Now that I've talked about the Sock Hop I must start talking about HAVING FUN! The Peter Pan Mini Golf course is fun and challenging for all ages. If you would like to play 1 course (18 holes) it will cost around $6.00. If you would like to play both courses (36 holes) it will cost $9.00. For children 5 and under it costs $2.00 less on both courses. It is very fun and they even have a gigantic bunny, peter pan, turtle and a gigantic t- rex! If you are looking for something to do when it is dark outside you should go to the South Congress bridge. Just around dusk the bats will fly out from under the bridge. It is really beautiful and anyone will enjoy it! If you have a younger sibling or relatives from out of town this is a must see place in Austin if you have never seen a bat.
I hope you enjoy Peter Pan Mini Golf and the bats at the South Congress Bridge!

PS I am starting a "Zilker Group" at Barton Springs pool tonight from 9- 10pm! Please show up if you want to have the best night of your lives. Make sure you tell everyone you know and bring towels swimsuits and lots of friends! I hope to see YOU there!!!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


  • If you are looking for something fun to do on the weekends or in the summer, listen to me! Last time I posted about the fountains at Palmer Events Center Park, and Bubble Tea at Toy Joy. The Austin Children's museum is really fun even though we are not quite children. Even my parents liked it! Think about it, if I am sitting here listening to the Gorillaz (I love the Gorillaz) and this place rings a bell it must be cool! They have arts and crafts stations set up and places where you can make music and stuff like that! If you are there and are feeling like a dork well maybe this will make you feel better: last time I was there these hipster- skater guys pulled up in their motorcycles and started having a good time. The message here is if hipster- skater guys riding motorcycles started having a good time at a little kids museum, you should too. Something else you should do on a sunny day is go down to Lake Austin and SUP (Stand Up Paddle boarding) or kayak or swim. If you have a party boat with swim decks on the back, that would be fine to take out also! If you are scared to go swimming in the chilly water here is some advice: don't tell anyone that you are afraid to jump in because you are basically asking to get pushed in by your best friend. Make sure you wear sunscreen because if you don't the sunburns are the type that turn bright red and start to peel and hurt a lot! I hope you enjoy the Children's Museum or Lake Austin! But until next time.... I hope you have a great day!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Zilker Fashionista

Hi sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I've been having lots of stress because of you guys! I would really like it if you would stop pestering people about being the Zilker Fashionista. I'm not going to tell you who I am until the end of the year so why keep asking. More people read my blog to know who I am rather then the big picture...fashion! So I really want you to just stop pestering people!
I really liked Zoe's dress that she wore today, her messy braid went perfect and gave of a busy yet fashionable student. The dark navy blue went perfect with her skin tone too. Write and tell me some of your favorite outfits.
I will be at the Sock Hop, watch out my mask is going to be AWESOME! I can't wait to see what fashion dares you all make.
Your Fashionable Friend
-Zilker Fashionista


Hi. If you are looking for something fun during the weekend or summer listen to me! Last time I posted about Barton Springs and the Zilker Botanical Gardens. Next to the Palmer Events Center there is a park. Inside the park there are these holes in the ground and they shoot water out of the little holes. It is extremely fun to run through and it is FREE! Make sure you bring a swimsuit, sunblock and some towels. Heads up: the water is usually just right or extremely cold! If you are thinking about going I would recommend it be an all day thing. If you don't have time during the day, that is perfectly fine. You can go during the night also! It is really cool during the night because they turn on different colored lights by the fountains and they change colors as water comes out of the holes! I give this place five stars! If you would like something that you can chew and drink at the same time I say go to the best store.... Toy Joy! The Toy Joy on campus has a food and drink bar where you can get the delicious "Bubble Tea". There are numerous flavors to choose from. They range from chocolate lavender to creamy strawberry, peach, mango! My newest favorite is the pineapple, coconut. Bubble Tea is an icy drink with chewy tapioca balls at the bottom. The people at Toy Joy give you a big straw so you can get the tapioca balls. The kid size costs $1.95, the small size costs $2.95, the medium size costs $3.95, and the large size costs $4.95. I hope you enjoy the fountains or Bubble Tea, but until next time I hope you have a great day!

Apple Product of the Day by Scott Morris

Today, the Apple product of the day is the iMac.

The new iMac of course comes in 27 inches and 21.5 inches. All of the new iMacs are now quad-core, not just the $1,999 model. The iMac includes one Thunderbolt port on the 21.5 inch models, and two Thunderbolt ports on the 27 inch models, which is really cool because you can have up to three displays, (including the iMac) but that's just for the really hardcore movie/photo editors. And of course, like all Macintosh computers, the iMac is very green. The iMac is BFR and PVC free, it has a Mercury free-LED-backlit display. The display glass is Arsenic free, and the iMac has highly recyclable aluminum and glass enclosures. The iMac meets the ENERGY STAR 5.2 requirements, and is rated EPEAT Gold. In the box, you get the iMac, (duh) you have a choice between the Apple Magic Mouse and The Apple Magic Trackpad, (wireless) the power cord, install/restore DVDs, and a printed and electronic documentation. The iMac comes with iLife "11, and Mac OS X Snow Leopard. The camera built in to the iMac is bumped up from the iSight camera to the FaceTime HD camera, which shoots at a stunning HD 720p quality. Apple has done away with the Intel Core i3 processor, and the iMacs only have the i5, but you can configure the $1,499 model to have a 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 processor, and you can configure the $1,999 model to have a 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7 processor.
I rate this this computer 5 out of 5 stars, and I really like the iMac and Apple. I'm very sorry to say that this is gonna be the last Apple Product of the day because the blog is being shut down. So if you're looking to buy a new computer you should get the new iMac or the recently refreshed MacBook Pro.

teacher interviews: mrs.irvine

me: how long have you been a teacher?
her: 1 year.
me: if you could be anything but a teacher, what would you be?
her: a resturant owner.
me: whats your fav gender to teach?
her: boy because you can be most direct.
me: whats your fav day to teach?
her: monday.
me: whats your fav subject to teach?
her: writing.
me: how is and was your first year at zilker?
her: lovely. perfect.
btw im stella:D

zilker transformer

anklebones is ausome


Hey everyone im telling you who I am... my name is Caela!

random ninja 49

i like pie and shoping
sporty is gabe yay


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Auto he or she (sara gunnlaugsson)

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Spears performing "If U Seek Amy" in 2009
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Levon-YouTube Review!

Hey guys, it's me Levon again! You may have seen my blog post yesterday about my new blog, WELL the new blog is YouTube reviews.
Todays YouTube video is Skating FTW by macscott1992.
Go watch it!


I'm gonna give you some time to go watch the video.

Ok! You may have seen that I am in this video! I show off some awesome stuffulufies and another skater does to!
The awesome song in this video is Crazy Crazy by Residual Kid.
Well I hope you liked this video.
Leave you interesting and creative responses in the comment section BELOW.


Hey everyone whats up im coming with more later.